Hedge Fund Banking and family offices Software


In January 2003 we installed PAMS as the core accounting system for a major fund administrator in Amsterdam.
PAMS is a fully programmable accounting system and we installed it with our preconfigured accounting set of rules and chart of accounts.
We trained the employees to input trades and define entries in the securities database, thereafter we trained a manager to parametrize the system and  to manage the interface to their Bloomberg workstation in order to download crossrates and quotes.

The installation process took less than a week, and within two weeks they were already up and fully running.

In 2010 we installed our WebReporting module, embedding it (graphically) on their website: now clients can download NAVs and reports directly from administrator's internet site via https:.

This client of ours as of this year (2010) manages about 50 different funds (hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds) and run daily NAVs for all these funds, automatically uploading the WebReporting host via secured ftps: protocol.


Installation Year: 
The Netherlands
Large fund administrator in Amsterdam.
Installed Product(s): 
Additional Modules: 
RealTime Quoting Interface
Query Generator
Private Equity Module