Hedge Fund Banking and family offices Software


For its private banking department the client wanted to improve the quality of the portfolio valuations presentation and introduce a global asset allocation system. At the same time it was requested that all external portfolio managers be granted access to the system.


The other requirement was that the banking platform (also used for trade finance) was not to be modified.

For the above explained reasons we installed PAMSLite as an integrated software. Every hour the DB-Digger Module recreates and dispatches its own database system to the bank intranet, in a prepackaged and filtered form for external managers and asset managers.

PAMS was also installed for the management of internal funds.


Within three months PAMSLite became the fully functioning core system for portfolio valuations and periodical official bank statements.


Installation Year: 
Swiss bank with private banking department
Installed Product(s): 
Additional Modules: 
Asset Allocation
DOC Creator
Query Generator
Database Creator
Database Spitter