Hedge Fund Banking and family offices Software


If you are a player of the fund industry (fund administrators, asset managers, family offices, hedge funds, fund consultants or pension funds among others), a portfolio manager or a banker, IBS-Pams™ will provide you with all the tools you need to monitor and track accounting, performances, fees, reporting, helping trade analysis and manage performances.
IBS-Pams™ software provides its customers and users with four key benefits:
  • Major increase in Productivity.
  • Significant Protection of your investment.
  • Major improvement to Client Support/Marketing effectiveness.
  • Important reduction in your operational risks.
IBS-Pams™ provides its customers and users with the following value propositions:

Experience has shown average increases in productivity of about 50% with a medium size team of five professionals. This is achieved by integrating different tools off the shelf such as Excel spreadsheets with macros, Access files, Word documents, Bloomberg, Reuter's, Telekurs into one information system. IBS-Pams™ user interface is like a standard Office GUI so that users are from the beginning operating in a familiar environment.

Heavy duty and robust data model ensures improved efficiency, quality and accuracy of both qualitative and quantitative adjustments and analysis.

Investment Protection
Significant protection of your investments and intellectual capital by ensuring 100% continuity and the safekeeping of crucial information, one of your most valuable assets. For example, if an accountant leaves, the successor generally is only able to re-use about 50% of the predecessor’s information and data held in existing tools (i.e. Excel). With IBS-Pams™ all the work done by any individual of the team can be seamlessly taken over by any new employee, since all bookkeeping rules and methods are also stored in the Data Model.

Client Support & Marketing Activities

Major improvements to Client support & Marketing activities.
IBS-Pams™ provides you and your customers with live presentations and comparative analysis of the assets under management as well as customized individual reports and database queries.

Operational Risk
Important reduction in your operational risks and a large step ahead in compliance by providing 100% data trace-ability and audit-ability.